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There are many misconceptions about what an appraisal is.  An appraisal is much more than a quick verbal estimate of an item’s value, but rather a written document that can be used for a variety of legal issues.  A professional appraisal contains values for items based on market research.  Unwritten valuations, even if they are given by a qualified appraiser, are considered verbal approximations of value, not an actual appraisal.  

Verbal Approximation of Value A verbal consultation at which time the appraiser provides fair market value estimate without full research.  Value approximations are useful when trying to determine a fair selling price or just out of curiosity!  This type of valuation is commonly practiced at “Antiques Roadshow” style appraisal fairs.

All fees are based on an hourly or flat rate.
 Fees are not based on a percentage of the value of item(s) appraised.

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